Kapok is a moisture-resistant, quick-drying, resilient, and buoyant fibre. The fibres contain both lignin, a woody plant substance, and cellulose, a carbohydrate.


We pride ourselves on the excellence of our raw product and are able to confidently trace our harvests literally back to their roots.


Shipping all over the world we can ship worldwide our products via land, air, and sea.


We always respect, be fair, and speak the truth in this business. Integrity is one of our most valuable assets. It cannot be compromised.

About Us


TAG Kapok Fibre is a company under the auspices of PT Tan Asia Group which is engaged in the Kapok fiber industry. which has excellent quality and affordable prices.

With 450mton/year supply ability, kapok fibre / silk cotton has great potential as a fiber source. Why do people still choose the synthetic one if the natural one like kapok fiber can offer various benefits? Here are the reasons why kapok fiber is very valuable.

Healthy and Comfortable

One thing is for sure, kapok fiber is totally natural since the fiber is taken from the kapok tree pod. It comes with a natural ability to resist, mildew, mold, mites, and dust. You can tell that the kapok fiber is organic because there is no need to use a chemical to treat the fiber. It is also comfortable enough to support your body and head. It is used a lot to stuff pillows and mattresses.

Environmentally and Animal Friendly

Choosing kapok fibre / silk cotton means that you are being friendlier to the environment. Kapok tree does not need any pesticides or irrigation to grow properly. choosing kapok fiber also means that you are friendlier to the animal. It is different from animal fiber like silk, down, or wool that might harm the animals during production.

Sustainable and Cost-Effective

If you have a pillow or mattress with kapok fibre / silk cotton stuffing, the fiber will last forever. You only need to change the mattress or pillow shell to make a new one from old kapok fiber.

Our Product

Starting from raw materials, processes, to packaging, we provide the best quality for you.

Our prices are also very competitive compared to others

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